Hannah Duncan, Freelancer

In today's Freelancer in Focus, Headlinemoney Awards 2022 winner Hannah Duncan discusses producing hard-hitting financial content with a bite and a giggle and explains why she believes fintech could change the course of history for Wales.

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What do you freelance about?

My niche is that I write about distressing or complicated finance in a SUPER relatable way. If I can make it funny, cheeky or outrageous, even better. 

Mostly I write for city bankers, lenders and fintech. Often for specialist finance publications, and of course on my blog.  

What are your areas of specialisation?    

  • Investing and sustainable investing
  • Deep and hardcore fintech trends like embedded finance or open finance
  • SaaS and BaaS

How much notice do you need to turn round, say, a 1,000-word feature?

A week would be nice.

What’s the piece you’re most proud of?

Probably '5 Vice fund companies in ESG investments'.

It’s not the most polished. The title could be better. But it’s raw, real, and original. I first wrote this in 2020 when people didn’t really question ESG, and I was pulling my hair out trying to warn everyone that so much of it was fake. I punched this article out so hard, it felt like my fingers were bleeding.  Every word came from my heart. 

Are you happy doing corporate work?

Yes! My blog is my passion, it’s the window to my soul. But corporate work is how I pay the mortgage. It’s my 9-5. 

I’ve worked for 73 corporate clients. Some of my favourites include: 

•    Wealthify
•    Hargreaves Lansdown 
•    Chartered Banker Institute 
•    Fintech Finance 
•    FinTech Wales 
•    Triodos 
•    Bridging Loan Directory
•    Wealth Dynamix
•    10x Banking 

How can PRs help you with your work?    

Hmm… respond to my journo requests on LinkedIn? Martin is already really good at that, so I’m just grasping at straws really. 

Congratulations on your success at the 2022 Headlinemoney Awards! How did you feel when your name was announced as the winner of the Blogger of the Year category?    

I still can’t believe I blew a kiss at the camera! That prosecco really did its job!

I could never have imagined that my blog would reach this success. Especially considering the highly-skilled competition I was up against. It’s truly an honour. 

Any other journalist awards/financial qualifications?    

Yes! I won Headlinemoney’s Blog of the Year last year too!  And I haven’t got over that one yet either. I’m so grateful to you guys at Headlinemoney. Entering the awards really changed my life. 

You’re probably already busy, but what’s your elevator pitch to commissioning editors?

If you want hard-hitting financial content with a bite and a giggle. That’s me. I cover all the things going wrong in finance with RELISH. 

What advice would you give to a journalist thinking of becoming freelance for the first time?

Have a savings account and write the kind of stuff you’d want to read yourself.

What’s the commission you’d most like to undertake?

I’d love to go to West Africa to cover the work of Sofie Blakstad who creates micro-economies from blockchain (!!!) It’s INCREDIBLE. Check my blog 'How blockchain grows cashews' for more info. It’s mind-blowing. 

The other thing I am dying to write is a book called 'Why Wales needs Fintech'. From my fingers to my toes, I KNOW that fintech can rescue my country. I feel it. I breathe it. I believe it. Right now, I can’t afford to take months off to write this book properly, but if I had anyone at all who could back me (unless you’re a greenwashing bank, then I’m not interested in your money) I’d be off like a shot!! If I could get this right, maybe I could change the course of history for Wales. I know all the right people. I have all the resources. Just need a little financial backing and I can do it. 

What was the last article you read that really shocked you?

It was a book called 'Men who hate women' by Laura Bates. And omg. I will never be the same again. Scary.

If you were to write a headline to sum yourself up, what would it be?   

'Banker turns freelance and wreaks havoc'

Outside of work, what are your hobbies?

I don’t work on Friday mornings because I have sewing lessons! It’s so lovely. Right now, I’m making a suit.  My teacher is Sue Browne and she’s a legend. Monday evenings I also go to Spanish lessons. Some years ago, I bagged myself a hunky Andalucian boyfriend. He’s lush. My other main hobby is that I run half marathons.

And finally… what’s your go-to karaoke song?    

'Stand by me' by Ben. E. King.

“When the night has come … and the land is dark … and the moon… “ 

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