Weekend press highlights: 16 May 2022

Last week's crypto markets collapse inspired plenty of analysis across the weekend's money pages, alongside the ongoing reach of the cost of living crisis, where the plight of older UK renters and young people forced to return to the family home were highlighted.

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Elsewhere, there was speculation a house price crash may be averted and a look at why the UK's dire rates of sick pay bode ill for the economy. Headlinemoney's Claire Beard, chooses her pick of the latest money section stories.

Financial Times

UK ahead of European peers on shift to working from home
Services-based economy means office occupancy is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels, writes Valentina Romei.

Where the next financial crisis could come from
Private equity has become a group of self-dealing oligarchs, warns John Dizard.

Daily Telegraph & Sunday Telegraph

'Civil servants have cost me £10,000 and I can't pay for Mum's care'
Power of attorney delays are blocking people from obtaining vital financial documents, leaving families unable to pay for their elderly parents' care, warns Harry Brennan.

Heat pump costs soar because Britain's radiators are 'too small'
Homeowners trying to install eco-friendly heat pumps have been left with surprise £30,000 bills, writes Will Kirkman, after it emerged millions of radiators are too small to work with the new technology.

The Guardian

Older UK renters forced to cut back on spending as living costs soar
Almost two-thirds of tenants over 65 have cut back on their general spending as a result of the cost of living crisis, and campaigners are warning that older people who do not own their homes are particularly vulnerable to rising bills, explains Hilary Osborne.

Working from home: HMRC's £125 tax break now harder to claim
A popular tax break for working from home that gave many people's finances a small boost during the pandemic has become harder to claim, reports Rupert Jones, and most employees will no longer be eligible.

The Times & Sunday Times

The seven risks to your savings right now
Global stock markets have been in turmoil and most investors will have lost money so far in 2022. With warnings that it's not over yet, David Brenchley gives readers tips on what they can do.

Dear Mum and Dad - can we move in with you?
The cost of living crisis is forcing even more young people to return to the family home, writes Imogen Tew.

The Observer

Why the UK's dire rates of sick pay bode ill for the economy
Only the US and South Korea take less care of those off work ill. Experts call it 'reckless and counterproductive', reports Richard Partington.

Back to the bad old days of the 1990s as recession looms for UK
Inflation is set to jump to 9% this week when official figures are released, and fears of a slump are growing, warns Phillip Inman.

The Mail on Sunday

Banks slammed by savings experts for treating customers with 'scornful disdain' following failure to pass on latest Bank of England base rate rise
Greedy high street banks have been slammed by savings experts for treating their customers with 'scornful disdain', writes Toby Walne, following their failure to pass on the latest Bank of England base rate rise.

As investors lose £300bn in gigantic cryptocurrency crash... Would you bet on a Bitcoin bounceback - or is this final proof that it is just fool's gold?
Sarah Davidson looks at why are prices crashing and whether investors should dip their toes in, or steer well clear.


Hygiene poverty hits young people who reveal how cost of living crisis 'strips them of dignity and confidence'
Aasma Day explains struggling families are forgoing basics like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, soap and period products as they view them as 'luxuries' far behind food and warmth.

Prescription charges will be frozen for the first time in 12 years to help ease crisis
Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the move is to 'put money back in people's pockets' following an 'unavoidable' rise in the cost of living, reports Connie Dimsdale.

The Sun

Six tips to beat cost-of-living crisis by flogging your unwanted goods online
Mel Hunter has tips for readers on how to hit back at the sky-high cost of living by becoming an online seller.

Spring Check: The three checks you must do before you turn your heating off - and they could save you hundreds
Lynsey Barber explains what readers can do as spring turns to summer to save even more cash.

The Mirror

Millions of workers warned pension mistake could cost you £13,600 in retirement
Workers might be tempted to pause their workplace pension contributions during the cost of living crisis - but this could be an expensive mistake when it comes to their retirement, warns Levi Winchester.

NatWest customers urged to check bank statements after huge payments glitch
NatWest customers have complained of being pushed into their overdraft after the bank confirmed a payments glitch had caused some accounts to be accidentally charged twice, reports Martyn James.

The Express

Crypto crash: Experts reveal real reason for 'death spiral' market collapse
Crypto markets collapsed on Thursday with $200 billion in value wiped out in 24 hours. Brian McGleenon talks to experts about the causes of the recent crash.

Incredible reason why house prices Won't crash this year - 'didn't see that coming'
House prices have hit dizzying highs despite the UK's crumbling economy and many now expect a full-blown crash this year. Yet a house price crash may be averted for a surprising reason, writes Harvey Jones.

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