Weekend press highlights: 20 June 2022

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As the wave of industrial action over pay threatens to spread, the weekend's money pages took a look at the causes of the unrest as well as providing advice for readers affected by strikes, writes Claire Beard.  There were also calls for an urgent inquiry into the insurance market and a look at the inequality in internet infrastructure across Britain. Elsewhere, the focus was on housing, including the benefits of owning a driveway, long-term mortgage deals and the challenges for those trying to make their home greener.

Financial Times

Broadband market that ‘makes no sense’ tests UK levelling-up targets
Anna Gross and Dan Clark cover the apparent disparity in access to fast internet setting back rural and poorer areas. 

UK rail strikes will ‘punish millions’, warns transport secretary
Sebastian Payne covers warnings from a government minister that the UK’s biggest rail strike in a generation will “punish millions”, as union leaders said industrial action could be extended to other parts of the economy this summer.

Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

‘I took British Airways to court because it cancelled my flight – and I won’
Airlines are routinely paying people back less than they're owed, writes Rachel Mortimer, but one flyer had enough.

Why the electric car revolution is boosting your house price
A driveway in London can be more valuable than a large garden, reports Melissa Lawford.

The Guardian

Ten-year fixed-rate UK mortgages ‘are now incredible value’
As rates on shorter-term loans increase, longer-term deals look more attractive, explains Hilary Osborne.

‘I have no free time’: people top up wages with extra work in cost of living crisis
Rachel Hall explores how workers are finding their earnings from full-time employment are no longer sufficient to make ends meet.

The Times

Equity release: What’s the problem with using your home as a pension?
Older schemes have given equity release a bad name, but it could still help to fund retirement, writes Ali Hussain.

The economy will thank you for that revenge holiday
The Bank of England governor doesn’t want Brits to have a pay rise, comments James Coney, but he does want them to have a holiday.

The Observer

Migrant care workers in Britain charged thousands in illegal recruitment fees
Shanti Das reveals care workers recruited from overseas to look after elderly and disabled people in Britain are being charged thousands of pounds in illegal fees and forced to work in exploitative conditions to pay off their debts.

New strike chaos as teachers and NHS staff warn of action over pay
Toby Helm, Michael Savage and Jon Ungoed-Thomas cover the wave of 1970s-style economic unrest threatening to spread from the railways across the public services, as unions representing teachers and NHS workers warn of potential industrial action over pay.

Mail on Sunday

Ditch corporation tax hike, bosses tell PM Boris Johnson: Captains of industry join forces to demand the levy is CUT as economy hit by inflation threat
Neil Craven and Luke Barr explain some of Britain's most influential business chiefs are demanding the Government scrap a planned hike in the corporation tax rate and instead slash it dramatically right now. 

The great insurance betrayal: Six months after a ban on insurance ripoffs, our probe reveals customers are still being hit by huge price hikes
Jeff Prestridge covers calls for an urgent inquiry into the insurance market as an investigation shows existing customers are still being hit by huge price hikes by some of the country's biggest financial brands. 


A beginner’s guide to buying a house at auction, from having a bidding strategy to studying the catalogue
Having 10 per cent cash in hand and a mortgage offer approved could be the easiest route to homeownership, writes Sarah Davidson.

Britons eager to make their homes more energy efficient, but it is too expensive and there isn’t enough supply
Grace Gausden covers research showing cash-strapped Britons are eager to make their homes more energy efficient, but find they are unable to because of rising energy costs.

The Sun

'Doorbell tax' fury as millions of Virgin Media customers told they could face £25 charge if they don’t answer the door to engineers
Millions of Virgin Media customers face a £25 fine if they don't answer the door to engineers, warns Alice Fuller.

Pump wars: Four steps to follow at the petrol station to save hundreds as prices soar
As fuel prices rocket, Lucy Alderson has tips that could help buffer readers from being hit by hikes at the pump.

The Mirror

Train strikes: Your refund rights explained and what happens if you miss an event
Martyn James delves into everything readers need to know about the upcoming train strikes, from refunds for rail travel to what happens if they miss a gig or other event.

Cost of Living march: Protesters take to streets demanding action on skyrocketing prices
Emer Scully, Matt Strudwick and Sophie Bateman cover Saturday's We Demand Better march in central London, where thousands of demonstrators marched on Parliament Square demanding the government take action to help Brits survive the worst cost of living crisis in more than 40 years.

The Express

Attendance Allowance: 56 health conditions that could mean you're entitled to over £4,000
Millions of pensioners are missing out on £4,000 a year in Attendance Allowance because they don't realise their health condition makes them eligible, explains Jackie Annett.

Urgent scam warning - Devastating new fraud could cost you your life savings
Jackie Annett and Christopher Harper cover an urgent warning from the DVLA for readers to be alert for a sophisticated new scam which could see their bank account emptied.

20 June 2022

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