Meet the PR team at Hargreaves Lansdown

Today, we catch up with Headlinemoney Awards 2023 winner Hargreaves Lansdown, to find out about their latest campaigns and the resources and data they have available to journalists.
Meet the PR team at Hargreaves Lansdown

Team members and contact details:

What are your specialist areas of comment?

  • Susannah Streeter - Global markets
  • Sarah Coles - Personal finance
  • Helen Morrissey - Pensions and retirement
  • Emma Wall - Pensions and retirement
  • Sophie Lund-Yates - Equity analysis
  • Dominic Rowles - ESG
  • Laura Hoy - ESG
  • Anne Fairweather - Government affairs, public policy, regulation
  • Nathan Long - Government affairs, public policy, regulation

How long does it take you to turn around requests?

We work to journalists' deadlines, which is often a few hours rather than a few days!

What kind of resources do you have at your disposal?

In addition to our main spokespeople providing insight and analysis on all areas of finance, we can source case studies and exclusive data. We also have access to:

  • Insight from 1.8 million clients
  • Equity and bond fund managers
  • Cash savings
  • Workplace pensions and benefits
  • Financial planning and advice
  • Share, bond and gilt trading
  • ESG/ Responsible Business

Regulation and public policy

  • Advice/ guidance
  • Retail investing and shareholder rights

Inclusion and Diversity, early careers

  • Colleagues participating in Strive internship targeted towards BAME students

Tell us about your latest press campaign:

HL’s new Pass It On campaign is all about the importance of sharing financial knowledge, good habits, saving skills or a helping hand across generations with families, friends and loved ones.

The press team support our marketing campaign, with our spokespeople featured in the media with stories on how to manage the cost of raising children, contributing to a partner’s pension and teaching the next generation about all things money.

What was your latest survey/research on?

The HL Savings & Resilience Barometer - an index measure designed and produced with Oxford Economics. It is based around Hargreaves Lansdown's five building blocks for financial resilience. The barometer looks at the nation’s financial resilience to inform consumers and policy makers about how today’s economy, and the financial choices we make, impact households’ short- and long-term resilience.

Any upcoming events for the financial press in the next few months?

Keep an eye out for our upcoming #FinanciallyFearless events and webinars here.

Financially Fearless is all about tackling money inequality and helping every woman grow their financial independence. We have a lot of exciting events coming up so we can get together to share knowledge, break down barriers and build money confidence.

Congratulations on your success at the 2023 Headlinemoney Awards! How did your team feel upon winning?

The team were absolutely thrilled to take home the awards as it truly is a reflection of our experience and passion for what we do. We were especially pleased to have won Expert of the Year two years in a row.  Sarah has certainly been a leading voice through the cost-of-living crisis, using her vast knowledge and expertise in personal finance.  She has also helped many people by sharing her personal experience of surviving financial abuse. 

It was fantastic to see the Savings & Resilience Barometer win the Thought Leadership award. A lot of hard work goes into building those reports and the exclusive data we share with journalists really shows how people are coping through these difficult financial times. We were sure to celebrate with a few too many glasses of fizz!

And finally, anything else you would like to bring to the attention of financial journalists?

We have a lot of exciting campaigns in the pipeline – in September, our spotlight is on the self-employed. We’ll use exclusive data from the HL Savings & Resilience Barometer to reveal insightful perspectives on this dynamic demographic.

After that, our attention turns to retirement. With less than 40% on track for a moderate retirement, we look to help the nation build their retirement resilience in the face of soaring inflation and the cost-of-living crisis.

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