Hannah Duncan

Freelance Journalist, Hannah Duncan Investment Content

After years of working in wealth management 🥱 I set up on my own! 🕺 Launching myself off the cliff of financial stability, I became a freelance writer in 2019. 🚀

And I LOVE IT. Maybe too much.

👉 I write about fintech and sustainable investments like it's a curse. Like I cannot control my own fingertips on a keyboard 👻

👉 If you listen closely to my heartbeat it sounds like "ex-pose green-wash, ex-pose green-wash" Probably when all the greenwash has been exposed I will curl up in a ball and wither away. 🌿 ... I have a while!

👉 My blog - the creatively named, "Hannah's Blog" - is an open book to my soul. It's full of research, interviews and swearing. 🖊

If you need an article about fintech or investments, please check out my recommendations below and reach out! 🤗 I'd love to hear from you!